Rogério Lopes

Software Engineering & DevOps Engineering


2016 - 2019 - L2R Group

Infrastructure Analyst DevOps

Reporting to IT Manager

Responsible for third party management (IT Providers)

One of those responsible for the IT budget

Responsible for Infrastructure and Information Systems

Responsible for evaluating new technologies and software and infrastructure solutions

Responsible for platform management: SAP S4 / Hana, SAP Fiori, Payroll (SAP HCM), Office 365, (SharePoint; Delve; Planner; Yammer), and developed software for the company

Configuration of SAP environments (PRD, DEV, QAD) together with cloud provider (IPSense), configuration of public and static routes for access to SAP clients

Responsible for configuring corporate infrastructure: Servers, Network, Office 365 (E-Mail), Skype for Business, Hosting, Azure, Hosting – AWS, Telecom and Print

Configuration, from migrating email tables from G-Suite to Office 365

Configuration of new technologies, customer screening system, helpdesk system (open source)

Administration of the Office 365 environment

Creation and configuration of the company intranet with Microsoft SharePoint

2013 - 2015 - Mundivox

Telecommunications Analyst

Configuring Routers and Switches Cisco, Planet, Huawei, 3Com.

DSLAM´S, Paradyne, Draytek, Bell, Zhone, MXK configuration, etc.

Configuration of routing protocols, static routes and default, interconnecting other equipment.

Monitoring of Edge Link´s for high data traffic capacity.

ADSL, ADSL2 + router configuration.

Ensure, supervise and monitor the proper functioning of the company’s network assets.

Answering calls (occurrences) when necessary.

Equipment backup routines throughout the park.

Racking projects and infrastructure in buildings that have company equipment.

Creation of information spreadsheets, in order to proceed with faster results of internal and external equipment configuration problems and Fiber Optic Link´s formatting.

Printer setup when needed.

Among other activities related to work.

2010 - 2013 - TMSolutions

Telecommunications Support Analyst

Configuration and installation of Routers and Switches (Cisco, Huawei, 3Com). 

Monitoring of branch network assets, data and voice circuits. 

Installation and configuration of physical and virtual servers with the tool (VMware). 

Virtualization of physical servers to virtual servers with (Vconverte) – (Vmware).

Support for physical and virtual printers with the software (Kurupira).

Nagios network asset management with the tool.

Configuration and monitoring of Windows-Server 2003 servers; 2008 and Linux and etc.

Error checking on routers and switches (packet loss, slowdowns, connection loss).

CRC errors, flow cache, transmission delay.

Opening and monitoring of calls with support to the telecom company hired by the client.

Take care of the proper functioning (routers, switches, physical and virtual servers and etc).

Create daily reports on criticality and counting in the contracted company’s SLA.

Active participation in the configuration of the 7th and 8th fair house of Caixa Econômica Federal.


Interested in further developing my career, constantly learning new tools and technologies.

Travel and meet new people, make new friends.



2020 - Metropolitan College

Post-Graduate in Software Engineering

2019 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Leading Digital Transformation​

2018 - Alura

DevOps Engineer

2013 - University Estácio de Sá

Honor Bachelor Degree in Law

2011 - College M. Cury

Computer Networking and System Development


DevOps 89%
Servers (Linux, Windows) 64%
Docker & Kubernetes 61%
Ansible & Terraforms 61%
Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean) 62%
Jenkins & Chef 66%
Network (Cisco, Mikrotik, Huawei) 84%



    Creating the environment for availability of ERP SAP S / 4HANA, with the cloud provider, IPsense.

   Migration of G-Suite service pack to Microsoft 365, email system and enterprise tools.

   I was part of the team that configured the computer network assets (routers, switches, routes) of the United Nations event Rio +20 in Rio de Janeiro.

   Analysis and migration from paid tools to open source tools, with the purpose of lowering the enterprise IT budget.


Tools and technology: SAP-Hanna/4, DevOps, Linux, GCP, AWS, Azure, Windows Server, Puppet, Jenkis, Cheff, Git, Gitlab, Heroku, Ansible, Terraforms, CompTIA Networks, TCP-IP, Cisco, Huawei, Mikrotik. 

Languages: Portuguese (Native); English (Intermediate); Spanish (Intermediate).

About Me

 I am a person skilled in the tasks I perform, great communication; fluent in Portuguese and learning English every day, I am motivated and have the skills to motivate others; excellent interpersonal skills and a reference for problem solving.

    With practices and philosophies of the DevOps culture, a few years of experience with classic infrastructure and cloud computing, I am a DevOps professional with agile methodologies totally hybrid, constantly updating me with the new trends in IT.

      Managing cloud computing with automation and network development tools, software on the most used platforms on the market today, such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure.


Wiilians Tadeu

(+55) 21 98050-0258

Otton Way

(+55) 21 97159-6521

Marcos Paulo

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