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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps;
How is DevOps implemented;
The benefits of DevOps for your company;
What are the main DevOps tools;
How microservices support DevOps.

How to deploy DevOps

DevOps is a methodology for software development, but in a different way. Thus, he will use communication as a fundamental factor to successfully integrate teams, a new mentality between the operations, infrastructure and development departments, which suggests collaboration. Mutual learning and the exchange of information and ideas will be the main gains for the business.

CI/CD - Quality, speed , high-performance

The first step in modernizing your company’s development sector is understanding that gaps must be eliminated. Bringing development sectors closer to operations, in a DevOps culture, guarantees a more efficient execution of each application.


As culture itself defines, the choice of DevOps tools must be made collaboratively, so it is necessary for the entire team to understand what DevOps is about. Therefore, it is necessary to study it, clear the main doubts, explain that the process is more a change in the organizational culture of the business than a localized task. The DevOps culture must, little by little, be incorporated to become an active part of the processes. In the case of tools, each member of the team must understand their function, how to use them and the reason for using them. Thus, they will understand how their use can boost their productivity, solving their daily problems. For this reason, we have prepared this article that brings you the main tools that will help you to implement the DevOps culture in your company.